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  • 22:2822:28, 23 October 2023 diff hist +76 m Template:NavDungeonDataNo edit summary current
  • 22:2622:26, 23 October 2023 diff hist +20 m Main PageNo edit summary Tag: Visual edit
  • 22:2622:26, 23 October 2023 diff hist +20 SkyTempleNo edit summary Tag: Visual edit
  • 22:1622:16, 23 October 2023 diff hist +163 N Item/Trap GraphicsCreated page with "{{Stub}} Within the SkyTemple editor graphics used by the game to render items and traps (including the Wonder Tile and stairs) can be edited.{{NavSkyTemple}}" current Tag: Visual edit
  • 22:1522:15, 23 October 2023 diff hist +1,219 N Dungeon TilesetCreated page with "{{Stub}} A dungeon floor in the game is made up of tiles, which are made up of 24x24px tiles<ref>Note that the SkyTemple editor usually refers to 24x24px sections as chunks and 8x8px sections as tiles. In the context of Dungeon Tilesets, the tileset and the term "Dungeon Tile" refer to 24x24px sections, mostly to correspond to what most people would expect. In the advanced editor the terms chunks and tiles are used as they are usually in SkyTemple.</ref>. A Dungeon..." current Tag: Visual edit
  • 22:0722:07, 23 October 2023 diff hist +727 N Dungeon GraphicsCreated page with "{{Stub}} The game's dungeons are made out of many graphics exclusively used in this mode: * Dungeon Tilesets define tiles that generated floors use to draw their walls, ground and water, lava, void. * Dungeon Backgrounds are used by few floors to draw full background images instead of dungeon tilesets. * Items and Traps (incl. stairs) have sprites that are drawn to represent them. They use a very similia..." current Tag: Visual edit
  • 22:0522:05, 23 October 2023 diff hist +214 m Dungeon BackgroundNo edit summary current Tag: Visual edit
  • 22:0222:02, 23 October 2023 diff hist +565 N Dungeon BackgroundCreated page with "{{Stub}} '''Dungeon Backgrounds''' are used by the game instead of ordinary tilesets to render full background images in boss fights. As such, they are always used on floors that also have a Fixed Room attached, whose layout matches the background's apparent collision. Since boss fights often also have cutscenes, a copy of the dungeon background often also exists as a Map Background. Dungeon backgrounds are very limited in their dimensions and only have one lay..." Tag: Visual edit
  • 22:0022:00, 23 October 2023 diff hist +143 N Color MapCreated page with "{{Stub}} '''Color Maps''' are used by the game to tint all colors on screen on dungeon floors when weather effects are active.{{NavSkyTemple}}" current Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:5921:59, 23 October 2023 diff hist +803 N Dungeon ListCreated page with "{{Stub}} The '''Dungeon List''' of the game keeps track of all dungeons in the game. It also stores the properties of each dungeon. You can edit the properties by selecting a dungeon in SkyTemple and you can edit more general settings related to the dungeon list or all dungeons by selecting the "Dungeons" entry in the sidebar. === Invalid Dungeons === Some dungeons in the base game are invalid. They may contain less or more floors that indica..." current Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:5621:56, 23 October 2023 diff hist +1,184 N Dungeon GroupCreated page with "{{Stub}} In the games what the player is presented as a Mystery Dungeon is actually a '''Dungeon Group''' which groups multiple dungeons into a single entity that the player can explore. When a dungeon is cleared, the game usually shows a script enter or acting scene, such as a rest room or pre-boss cutscene and then proceeds to the next dungeon in the group. Crucially the health of the player is not restored b..." current Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:4821:48, 23 October 2023 diff hist +411 N Dungeon FloorCreated page with "{{Stub}} A '''Dungeon Floor''' is a single floor that is generated for a dungeon. Each floor has properties that determined how it is generated, this includes the tileset to use, the music to play and a list of Pokémon, items and traps to spawn. In SkyTemple you can edit the properties of a floor and show a preview of how a generated floor might look like in-game.{{NavSkyTemple}}" Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:4621:46, 23 October 2023 diff hist +632 N Fixed RoomCreated page with "{{Stub}} A '''Fixed Room''' (sometimes referred to as '''Fixed Floor''') is a special pre-generated room layout which can be placed on dungeon floors or replace a floor entirely. For most Fixed Rooms you can select to use one for a floor by editing the Dungeon Floor properties. Depending on whether a Fixed Room is supposed to be used as a floor replacement or as a single room it will then either replace the entire floor (this is usually used for boss fights) or spaw..." Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:4321:43, 23 October 2023 diff hist +340 N Dungeon PropertiesCreated page with "{{Stub}} Dungeon have certain properties, which you can edit in SkyTemple by selecting the name of a dungeon. These properties either apply to general aspects of the dungeons or settings which apply to all floors of the dungeon. The editor will also give you the option to rename the dungeon and change its floor count.{{NavSkyTemple}}" Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:4221:42, 23 October 2023 diff hist +302 N Dojo DungeonCreated page with "{{Stub}} Editing '''Dojo Dungeons''' is a bit special compared to normal dungeon editing, as dungeons used in the Dojo are not part of the normal dungeon list in the game and as such most of their properties can not be edited. This includes the number of floors.{{NavSkyTemple}}" current Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:3921:39, 23 October 2023 diff hist +266 N Misc. BackgroundCreated page with "{{Stub}} The '''Misc. Background''' section in SkyTemple allows you to edit background images that are used in very special situations, such as the main menu. Most of the backgrounds used in cutscenes will instead be found as Map Background.{{NavSkyTemple}}" current Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:3821:38, 23 October 2023 diff hist +702 N SpriteCollab BrowserCreated page with "{{Stub}} SkyTemple's '''SpriteCollab Browser''' allows you to browse sprites and portraits made by the community. You can select from any SpriteCollab [ compatible server], by default SkyTemple offers two options, with SpriteCollab being the default: * The [ SpriteCollab] projects collects sprites and portraits for any canonical Pokémon, including both missing sprites and portraits for Poké..." current Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:3421:34, 23 October 2023 diff hist +763 N TilequantCreated page with "{{Stub}} SkyTemple comes with a tool ('''Tilequant''') that allows you to automatically modify images so they can be used as backgrounds in the game. The game requires background images to be tiled in 24x24 pixel chunks, where each chunk is made of 8x8 tiles. Each 8x8 tile has one palette assigned and can use its 16 colors. In total a background can generally have 14 - 16 palettes. Tiles can not use colors from multiple palettes. SkyTemple can import backgrounds,..." Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:3021:30, 23 October 2023 diff hist +157 N SkyTemple SettingsCreated page with "{{Stub}} The '''Settings''' of SkyTemple allow you to change various configuration option of SkyTemple. These settings have effect in all open projects." current Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:2521:25, 23 October 2023 diff hist +2 m Template:StubUse Visual Editor in edit link current
  • 21:2421:24, 23 October 2023 diff hist +35 m Template:StubNo edit summary
  • 21:2221:22, 23 October 2023 diff hist −1 m Template:StubNo edit summary
  • 21:2121:21, 23 October 2023 diff hist +169 N SkyTemple RandomizerCreated page with "{{Stub}} SkyTemple Randomizer is an application to randomize contents of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky based ROMs. The editor is based on SkyTemple." current Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:2021:20, 23 October 2023 diff hist +2 m Category:StubNo edit summary current Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:2021:20, 23 October 2023 diff hist +113 N Category:StubCreated page with "Pages in this category are stubs and need content. This category is automatically filled by the [Template:Stub]."
  • 21:1921:19, 23 October 2023 diff hist +376 N Template:StubCreated page with "''{{SkyTempleIcon|icon=skytemple-dialog-error-symbolic}} This article is unfinished. You can help <span class="plainlinks">[{{fullurl:{{PAGENAME}}|action=edit}} expanding it]</span>.''<hr>Category:Stub<!-- --><noinclude> == Template Data == <templatedata> { "description": "Marks an article as stub (needing more work).", "params": {} } </templatedata> </noinclude>"

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