Dungeon Group

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In the games what the player is presented as a Mystery Dungeon is actually a Dungeon Group which groups multiple dungeons into a single entity that the player can explore. When a dungeon is cleared, the game usually shows a script enter or acting scene, such as a rest room or pre-boss cutscene and then proceeds to the next dungeon in the group. Crucially the health of the player is not restored between dungeons in a dungeon group and the entire outing is based on the group.

In SkyTemple you can see dungeons grouped by dungeon groups and you can also re-assign dungeons to different groups. The name of the group as shown in the editor is always based on the first dungeon in the group. If a group only has one dungeon, the group is omitted for simplicity.

Groups have no IDs, the game only keeps tracks of dungeon IDs. In order to visit a dungeon group from script, use the ID of the first dungeon in it.

The DungeonInterrupt patch can be used as an alternative to splitting dungeons up via the group system. It allows for script scenes in between floors of a single dungeon.