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SkyTemple can be extended using plugins.

Installing Plugins

To install Plugins, open SkyTemple and select "Open config directory..." from the hamburger menu. This will open the configuration directory. You can also navigate to the following folder manually:

  • Linux without Flatpak: ~/.config/skytemple ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME is used)
  • Linux with Flatpak: ~/.var/app/org.skytemple.SkyTemple/config/skytemple
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Preferences/skytemple
  • Windows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\skytemple

Within that directory you will find a directory "plugins". Place the downloaded plugin "whl" file within that directory and restart SkyTemple.

List of Plugins

A list of plugins can be found in Category:Plugin.

Developing Plugins

If you want to develop your own plugin, you can find the instructions in the docs/plugin_dev.rst file in the SkyTemple repository.