Debug Scene Selection Menu

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This table offers a description of where the game places you for each scene option in the Debug Menu when using SkyTemple. Title cards that are listed here refer to what is displayed after selecting a scene to debug, and the description of the starting point details where you will immediately start off after selecting a scene from the Debug Menu.

Debug Scene Selection Chapter Title Card (if applicable) Description of starting point NOTES
Main 1 Chapter 1: A Storm at Sea Opening scene with unidentified narrators and the storm
Main 2 Chapter 2: The New Guild Recruits Standing in front of the guild with the partner after Beach Cave
Main 3 Chapter 3: The Scream You wake up and do the morning cheer as usual + Chatot assigns Bidoof to help you pick an outlaw job
Main 4 Chapter 4: The Gatekeepers Starts with dinner and then goes into the chapter title card → you do sentry duty the next morning
Main 5 Chapter 5: The First Expedition Starts with dinner → Chatot assigns you to investigate the waterfall after the morning cheers
Main 6 Chapter 6: Team Skull Wake up → Chatot announces the upcoming guild expedition + Team Skull is at the Job Board and Skuntank is introduced
Main 7 Team Skull eats the guild’s food supply
Main 8 Dinner announcement that the expedition members have been chosen
Main 9 Chapter 8: Groudon’s Heart Arrive at the Foggy Forest base camp
Main 10 Chapter 9: Mystery of Fogbound Lake Arrive at Steam Cave
Main 11 Chapter 10: Dusknoir Dusknoir arrives at the guild right after the morning cheers
Main 12 The Marill brothers show your team the ransom note for their Water Float
Main 13 Chapter 11: Grovyle Grovyle’s outlaw poster is displayed at the guild
Main 14 In Treasure Town, preparing to go back to Quicksand Desert a second time
Main 15 In Treasure Town, preparing for Crystal Cave
Main 16 Chapter 13: Dusknoir’s Secret Dusknoir reveals he is from the future to everyone
Main 17 Chapter 14: Into the Future Waking up in the future jail cell
Main 18 Touching the frozen water to try and activate the Dimensional Scream
Main 19 Dusknoir tells Dialga he has set a trap and may need his help + your team is at the entrance to Dusk Forest (no Celebi yet)
Main 20 Chapter 16: A New Dawn Your team and Grovyle wake up on the beach in the past
Main 21 Chapter 17: The Guild’s Crew Returning to the guild from the future
Main 22 Guild is looking for the Hidden Land and Torkoal visits the guild after remembering more details about the legend
Main 23 Wigglytuff is still gone, Chatot says we will go to Brine Cave as scheduled
Main 24 Chapter 19: To the Hidden Land While Chatot is recovering from his injuries, Wigglytuff tells a story
Main 25 Right after the battle with Dusknoir
Main 26 Right after beating Primal Dialga
Sub 01 You are told about the graduation exam
Sub 02 In Treasure Town → Sky Peak announcement at Spinda's Café
Sub 03 In Treasure Town → Mr. Mime unlocks Blizzard Island
Sub 03 In Treasure Town → Sunflora unlocks Surrounded Sea NOTE: For whatever reason there are two Sub 03 options in the debug menu
Sub 04 In Treasure Town → Guild is empty → go downstairs for the Team Charm arc
Sub 20 After you clear a dungeon and go to bed, a cutscene plays where it’s a stormy night → cut to Darkrai saying things are going nicely → start of the Nightmare arc NOTE: All NPCs (except the shopkeepers) are gone for some reason, and in order to trigger the Darkrai cutscene you will need to clear a dungeon to progress the day forward (I used Beach Cave)
Sub 21 In your old room at the guild, Azurill is in his nightmare, Drowzee is present
Sub 22 Right after beating Palkia
Sub 23 In Treasure Town → go to Sharpedo Bluff → Chatot appears telling you Manaphy has returned NOTE: This is after you have beaten Darkrai, and in order to trigger the Manaphy cutscene you must go to Sharpedo Bluff