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Personality is given to player by Personality Quiz at the beginning of the game. It defines what Pokemon you'll play as.

Nature Male Female
Bold Turtwig Squirtle
Brave Pikachu Charmander
Calm Chikorita Cydnaquil
Docile Charmander Bulbasaur
Hardy Torchic Treecko
Hasty Shinx Pikachu
Impish Piplup Chimchar
Jolly Totodile Eevee
Lonely Bulbasaur Mudkip
Naive Chimchar Skitty
Quiet Treecko Chikorita
Quirky Squirtle Piplup
Rash Mudkip Torchic
Relaxed Phanpy Vulpix
Sassy Riolu Totodile
Timid Cydnaquil Turtwig