Starter List

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The list of Starters contains all the possible player and partner Pokémon that can be assigned during the Personality Quiz. It is found under Lists -> Starters.

The Starter List

Below is a screenshot of an unedited Starter List. This list contains the list of player and partner Pokémon, each with a specific Personality and gender. Note that you must scroll down to see the full list.

At the top are the default starters, nicknames, and team name. This is the default team setup if the personality quiz is skipped and either: ProcessSpecial(PROCESS_SPECIAL_INIT_MAIN_TEAM_AFTER_QUIZ, 0, 0) is applied or the game is in Debug Mode. The Team Name is the default name shown in the name input when naming the team, regardless of if the actual default team is used or not.

You can also edit the Starting Level of both the player and partner Pokémon. It is Level 5 by default. Under that option is a list of 31 player and 20 partner Pokémon. Clicking on a Pokémon's name will allow you to edit the species and gender. Note that while each player Pokémon entry has a gender associated with it, this only depends on what the player selects as their gender in the Personality Quiz, not the gender of the entry. The Personality of each entry corresponds to the result of the Personality Quiz.

Limitations and Helpful Patches

With SkyTemple alone, the number of entries cannot be increased. Due to this, not every gender in the base game has the same Pokémon (some are exclusive to one gender). Additionally, without the SameTypePartner patch, the player Pokémon and partner Pokémon cannot be the same type. If all of the possible partner Pokémon are the same type as the player, this can cause game-breaking issues.

Here are some ASM Patches relevant to both the Starter List and the Personality Quiz:

  • ChooseStarter: Adds an extra menu after the quiz, allowing you to manually choose a player Pokémon.
  • SkipQuiz: Skips the personality test aside from the gender question. Requires the ChooseStarter patch.
  • SameTypePartner: Allows the partner to be the same type as the player.