Dungeon Tileset

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A dungeon floor in the game is made up of tiles, which are made up of 24x24px tiles[1]. A Dungeon Tileset defines the graphics for the walls, ground, lava, water and void tiles that the game can use to draw generated dungeon floors. A tileset can have three categories of tiles, where two are always walls and ground and one is either water, lava or void.

Dungeon Tile Exchange Format (DTEF)

DTEF is the easiest way to edit and exchange tilesets. More information about it and documentation can (for now) be found on its GitHub page.

Advanced Mode

Alternatively SkyTemple has an editor built-in for more advanced usage. It allows exporting and importing the raw chunks and tiles and manually editing the adjacency rules of dungeon tiles.


  1. Note that the SkyTemple editor usually refers to 24x24px sections as chunks and 8x8px sections as tiles. In the context of Dungeon Tilesets, the tileset and the term "Dungeon Tile" refer to 24x24px sections, mostly to correspond to what most people would expect. In the advanced editor the terms chunks and tiles are used as they are usually in SkyTemple.