Pokémon Data

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Most all data and properties of any given Pokémon can be edited under the "Pokémon" dropdown tab within SkyTemple. From there, you can edit the data and properties of the individual gender forms of each Pokémon by double clicking on the form you want to edit.

Please note that it is generally unsafe to edit the Pokémon and "Reserve" Pokémon past #551. These are actors within the game and editing them can lead to unintended consequences. Pokémon #537 - #551 however can be safely edited and used to add new Pokémon to the game.

There are four categories of data you can edit as well as a sidebar on the left showing the Pokémon's normal portrait and a single frame from its idle animation. The sidebar also allows you to change a handful of key settings as well as import/export data for that gender form.