Performance Progress Flags

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These flags are contained in the PERFORMANCE_PROGRESS_LIST variable. They are used to keep track of certain achievements and unlocks as the story progresses. Each flag is represented with a single bit, and therefore can only be true or false.

ID Internal name Description Other comments
1 Team name Controls if your team name is shown or just ???? in the menu
2 Treasure Bag Bag is bigger than the "One-Item-Inventory"
3 Random Mission Must be enabled for random missions to generate Might have to do with being able to receive Wonder Mail S
4 Friend Rescue
5 Friends Pokémon show up in "Potential Recruits"
6 Evolution
7 Formation Change Whether leader can be switched in dungeons. If 0, you get kicked out of the dungeon when your partner faints.
8 Move Alone / Training The list of internal names has an extra element that does not correspond to a flag somewhere around here. So the name for this flag could be either of those.
9 Post ending Allows Pokémon that can't appear in missions during the story to appear in missions
10 Scenario Completion Player and partner can evolve
11 Dojo clear
12 Defeat Drowzee Clear mark: Drowzee apprehended
13 Defeat fake Groudon Clear mark: Mirage Groudon defeated
14 Defeat Luxray Clear mark: Manectric's clan defeated
15 Cleared Future World Clear mark: Escaped from the future
16 Defeat Dusknoir Clear mark: Dusknoir defeated
17 Defeat Dialga Clear mark: Temporal Tower saved
18 Defeat Darkrai Clear mark: Darkrai banished
19 Defeat Regigigas Clear mark: Regigigas defeated
20 Guild Graduation Clear mark: Graduated from Wigglytuff's Guild Enables the Make Leader option in Chimeco assembly
21 Collect 7 Treasures Clear mark: Seven Treasures all obtained
22 Scizor ev. clear Clear mark: Met Scizor. Also grants Secret Rank.
23 Get Manaphy
24 Manaphy ev. clear Clear mark: Manaphy arc completed
25 Go separately from Chatot Makes the Chatot guest slot for Brine Cave not appear even if the dungeon isn't cleared
26 Climbed Sky Peak Clear mark: Climbed Sky Peak. Also unlocks Sky Jukebox.
27 Identify Waterfall Changes "Secret Waterfall" to "Waterfall Cave"
28 Identify Quicksand
29 The list of recruitable Pokémon is available from the menu
31 Last flag that gets set when starting a new game with the "All complete" option. The rest might be unused.

Seems to be related to the Croagunk Swap Shop?

32 Unused?
33 Unused?
34 Unused?
35 Unused?
36 Unused?
37 Unused?
38 Unused?
39 Unused?
40 Unused?
41 Unused?
42 Unused?
43 Unused?
44 Unused?
45 Unused?
46 Unused?
47 Unused?
48 Unused?
49 Unused?
50 Unused?
51 Unused?
52 Unused?
53 Unused?
54 Unused?
55 Unused?
56 Unused?
57 Unused?
58 Unused?
59 Unused?
60 Unused?
61 Unused?
62 Unused?
63 Unused?