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This page contains information about the AppraiseAll ASM Patch.


This patch by Anonymous adds a new option to Xatu's appraisal service to appraise all Treasure Boxes in the player's bag at once.


When applying the patch, you will be prompted to select text string IDs for the menu option, the confirmation, the text before revealing an item, and the text for revealing an item. The default string IDs are 300, 301, 302, and 303, respectively, which are all unused strings. There is also an option to set the value of these strings to default values (default yes), which are as follow:

  • "Appraise all"
  • " And to appraise all your items, you will pay [CS:G][gold_left:0][CR][M:S0]?"
  • " And so...[K]it is revealed...[C] Within the boxes...[K]were..."
  • " ...a [me_play:1][string0]!"

If you choose not to use the default values, you will have to enter values manually on the Text Strings page. The default strings are in English across all languages, so you will have to translate it yourself if necessary.

Lastly, there is an option for the price per Treasure Box (this only affects the Appraise All option, not the regular Appraise option), with a default value of 150.