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This page documents general information about organizing the wiki.

Use it's Discussion page to discuss wiki organization.

Current ideas for Wiki pages & organization

Feel free to edit and adjust! Please add references to pages here when you created them.

  • One page for every module & view in SkyTemple. In addition one page for the Randomizer, SkyTemple in general and the SkyTemple Script Engine Debugger
    • Version 1.6. of SkyTemple and the Randomizer will contain help buttons that will link to wiki pages. See SkyTemple:UI-Link for info.
    • The module pages should link to related help as listed below.
  • Migrate the list and documentation of SSB opcodes and the ExplorerScript language reference to this wiki
  • Documentation of special processes, coroutines
  • Documentation of scenes, map backgrounds
  • One page per bundled hack, a list page for them.
  • Tutorials!
  • Migrate useful info from the Discord server: user-docs, tech-docs, linked Google docs, useful pinned posts...
  • Other FAQ content should be migrated here

Once we get some of these things rolling we should setup categories and templates and take care of the Main Page acting as a hub, etc.

Ideas for categories:

  • SkyTemple how to's
    • Can range from short pages explaining how to use certain parts of the program to technical posts about, say, setting up the development environment or contributing to the repos.
  • Technical information
  • Tutorials - Not just SkyTemple tutorials, other relevant things could be added too, such as:
    • How to contribute to this wiki
    • How to make and apply XDelta patches
    • How to calculate the checksum of a ROM
    • How to extract and repack a ROM
    • How to make an ASM patch and apply it with armips
    • How to make a skypatch
  • Scripting
  • Reference
    • Explorerscript
    • Variables like $PERFORMANCE_PROGRESS_LIST values
    • Lists that document non-trivial values (unused moves, sound effect list, etc.)
    • etc.

Don't hesitate to link to pages that don't exist yet!

Starting Points

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